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Italian and English version in the same download. Through the pages of this eBook, Giuseppe Fornasari unveils his bond with GT cars, highlighting their pivotal role in shaping Fornasari’s history, spanning from the realization of the first street-ready Callaway LM in the ’90s to the iconic Fornasari Gigi 311 GT. With Giuseppe as your guide, gain unprecedented insights into the inner mechanisms of an automotive brand, while venturing behind the curtains of 25 years of unique automotive history. Explore the detailed step-by-step process of transforming an idea into a fully built car.

Includes English and Italian versions.

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Giuseppe Fornasari

Giuseppe Fornasari founded Fornasari with the idea of creating a unique car that combined the performance of a GT with family practicality and versatility on any terrain.

Giuseppe created the first street-legal Callaway LM in the ’90s, and in 2001, the moment came for the first Fornasari SUV: the RR450, something unprecedented in the market at the time.

Over the years, 12 different models of Fornasari have been created, including SUVs and GTs, actively participating in national and international off-road competitions, as well as in major Motor Shows worldwide.

– Today, Giuseppe wants to share with you part of these 30 years of experience, knowledge, and passion. –

Relive the creation process of the iconic

Fornasari Gigi 311 GT

Discover Fornasari GT cars

Learn how Giuseppe started, beginning with the Callaway cars from the 90s

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Discover the evolution of a visionary brand through the creation of an unprecedented vehicle. The ebook explores the origin of the world’s fastest sport SUV in 2001, the RR 450, Fornasari’s first masterpiece. Relive the design and development process and learn how from this experience Fornasari expanded its range to other models.

Relive the history and legacy of Fornasari in off-road and other competitions. A brand born from one man’s passion, now facing industry giants in 9 different countries and on every type of terrain. The ebook starts from the roots of Gigi Fornasari’s racing experiences in the 1950s, through the GT championship ventures, to the years of participation in international and national Tout Terrain championships.

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  1. Francesco (verified owner)

    Si può solo che imparare qualcosa leggendolo. Chi conosce Fornasari sa che ha una storia unica e questo ebook evidenzia aspetti unici. È facile da leggere evita troppi tecnicismi ma risulta preciso quando necessario. Personalmente sono rimasto colpito da come la Gigi è stata realizzata e dal fatto che il signor Giuseppe sia partito con le Callaway. Consiglio. Attendo i prossimi ebook.

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